The West African Alcohol Policy Alliance (WAAPA) is a coalition of civil society organizations and development professionals with the goal of advocating, developing, implementing, enforcing and evaluating scientific-based alcohol policies and, programmes, monitoring and sharing information on alcohol and alcohol related issues among its member organisations, development and international partners.


To promote and facilitate information sharing on alcohol and alcohol related issues;
To initiate, facilitate and conduct research on alcohol and alcohol policies and programmes;
To strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations and development professionals involved in alcohol policies and programmes;
To encourage, support and strengthen partnerships between member organisations and governments on the implementation of alcohol policies and programmes;
To promote and advocate for national, regional and continental policies, programmes and regulatory frameworks on alcohol and alcohol related issues;
To mobilize and facilitate access to financial, human and technical assistance and resources required for the development, implementation and evaluation of alcohol policies and programmes.

About Us


Harmful use of alcohol causes a serious toll on health, environment, economy and the society. It harmful use affect the function of brain through the interference of the  communication pathways, it causes heart diseases, cancer and weakens the immune system, making the body much easier target for disease.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) "Global monitoring framework on Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs)", governments are urged to (i) set national NCD targets for 2025 based on national circumstances; (ii) develop multisectoral national NCD plans to reduce exposure to risk factors and enable health systems to respond in order to reach these national targets in 2025; and (iii) measure results, taking into account the Global Action Plan. Based on one of the following: Target 2. At least 10% relative reduction in the harmful use of alcohol.

WHO Regional Office for Africa urges Parties to “Develop and implement alcohol control policies. Alcohol control policies and legislations and regulations should be based on clear public health goals and best available evidence”

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) strongly recognized alcohol use as a risk factor for health. Goal 3.5: Strengthen and prevention and treatment of substance abuse, including narcotics drug abuse and Harmful use of alcohol.

Recognizing the national, regional and the global priority on countering the harmful use of alcohol, the West African Alcohol Policy Alliance is determine and working towards the achievement of the global, regional and national targets. 





gallery/waapa presenting at ecowas mh workshop

WAAPA at 2018 ECOWAS Mental Health Workshop